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Betting Backed Up by Masternodes
and Smart Contracts


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video instructions reserve your u-bet mn

we accept: BTC, LTC, ETH

invitation bounty campaign in progress

about u-bet

U-BET Decentralized Online Sports Betting
Platform on Masternodes
and Smart Contracts

The U-BET Decentralized Online Blockchain Based Sports
Betting Platform is designed to provide the comfort and
joy of Sports Betting for our users and investors. Millions
of people worldwide would love to have a user-friendly,
simple, clear app or service for placing bets
notwithstanding legislation or country specific restrictions
and limitations. All these people dream of a service with
transparency and reliability, with control over their
funds, bets and gains. All of these are the
primary focus for U-BET

Pre-alpha betting platform

coin specs

22 M


22,000,000 (22 MILLION) U-BET
coins will be totally issued



3% (three percent)
for pre-sale, sale, funds for
promotion & marketing



POS will be activated as
of block 10,000
(ten thousand)



Stable Algorithm for a
stable blockchain

10 U-BET


Block reward is TEN (10) U-BET
coins per a block solved



UBET is the ticker for the
coin named U-BET

benefits of the u-bet platform

Instant Deposits

No more waiting for hours and days.
Partnerships with payment processing
gateways (CoinPayments is the first on
the list) will enable investors and
regular users to have the comfort
of lightning speed deposits and

Constantly Growing
Investment and Truly
Passive Income

Limited supply, short POW period (up to
block 10,000 only), and the constantly
growing number of investors and user
make the U-BET coin a perfect investment.
You can leverage from U-BET POS system,
masternode rewards, legal betting
with U-BET coin

Transparency, Reliability
and Trust Backed Up
by our Blockchain

Every transactions is recorded into the
blockchain. You can see every single one.
You can trace every single one.
No more worrying about if
you’ll receive your funds or not.
You just get to enjoy your betting

mobile application & wallet

Placing Bets Right
in the App

Access to bets anytime anywhere. No need to look
for or memorize the platform address. Just launch
the app and get the access to the
wallet and betting

Send and Receive
U-BET coins

The U-BET mobile app has an in-built U-BET wallet.
Users can easily generate new addresses, send
and receive U-BET coins right
in the U-BET app

Transparent Record of All
Bets and Gains

U-BET keeps all data in its blockchain.
All bets, all activities are easily traceable
by the users. No unpaid winner rewards.
All transactions are secure

Fiat at Your Fingertips

U-BET plastic card will get accepted worldwide
(extra charges apply). Use it to your benefit.
Access to millions of POSs and ATMs
(limitations apply)

u-bet masternode pre-sale start

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video instructions reserve your u-bet mn

we accept: BTC, LTC, ETH

invitation bounty campaign in progress

Wallets & Github



  • july
  • august
  • september
  • october
  • november
  • december

- Lightpaper formalization
- Website development
- Blockchain development
- Media content creation
- Marketing planning

- U-BET website goes live
- Marketing strategy implementation
- U-BET Platform (early pre-alpha version) goes live
- Bounties continued. An invitation campaign is launched
- U-BET blockchain goes live
- U-BET masternodes pre-sale starts

- First exchange listing ( will be the first exchange for U-BET. Exchange pairs with BTC, ETH, USD)
- Listing with Masternodes.Online (, Masternodes.Pro (, MNCN.Online (
- Partnership with BITSCOIN Korean service provider (
- Listing with the Blockfolio ( and with the DELTA
- Partnership with GINCoin (GIN) platform
- Listing with C2CX (

- Pre-beta apps and platform are presented to the community and the investors
- Public beta testing of the Android U-BET app (with in-built wallets and exchange to BTC and vice versa)
- CoinGate gateway activation
- Activation of CoinPayments gateway to accept altcoins, deposit fiat currency and withdraw fiat currency
- Listing with INDODAX (

- Submittal of the required documents to register 2 offices – one in Malta, the second one in the Isle of Man (two offices are needed to optimize the issue of payment processing services and gateways arrangements enabling features like fiat currency support and pre-paid cards support)

- Registration of the offices is complete. Applications submittal for acquisition of sports betting licenses
- Signing an agreement with entities issuing pre-paid cards (partners found, but official registration and licensing are required – please ref. above)
- Sports Statistics Service Providers integration (2 providers identified, contacted and agreed)
- Activation of Smart-Contracts
- A full-scale commercial launch of the betting platform and the apps for everyone
- First batch of pre-paid cards get delivered to the investors and clients (all the related actions to get a card will be integrated and available in the U-BET app on the platform of your choice. Shipping costs will apply. International worldwide shipping will be possible. Two options will be available: KYC authorization and no KYC authorization with limitations on cash withdrawals)




Team Pass

Charles Newman

Core Dev Team Member

Team Pass

David Chen

Core Dev Team Member

Team Pass

Brian Shankman

Marketing & Promotion